Garden Festival, Chaumont sur loire, france


As one of the only American teams selected for the International Garden Festival in France, the garden features two overlaying systems of pathways which are obscured by a densely planted grove of trees. In a response to the Festival’s literary theme, the garden was inspired by Jorge Luis Borge’s 1941 short story, “The Garden of Forking Paths.”

A traditional path is intertwined with a series of cedar wood planks which form a secondary maze through the grove, beckoning children and adventurous adults to step off the path and venture into a network of narrow passageways. Shou sugi ban, the Japanese process of charring cedar to increase its lifespan, is used to create a stark contrast between the blackened planks and the white gravel floor of the garden.

 In support of FORGE Landscape Architecture and RAFT Landscape Architecture.

Completion: 2018







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