UT Austin | Speedway Pedestrian Mall

Originally bordering the east side of the UT Austin Campus, the Speedway Corridor was primarily a street providing service, delivery and loading to adjacent university buildings. As the UT campus expanded eastward beyond Speedway, the corridor became a central pedestrian spine through the campus, yet still designed as a service street.

The new Speedway Pedestrian Mall will transform the street into a pedestrian-only mall with reconfigured entries into adjacent buildings and cafe and beer gardens along its edges for student gathering and congregations.

The majestic existing Oak trees will be preserved, maintaining much needed shade for pedestrians in the Austin heat. Areas of planting along the mall will provide opportunities for students to study outdoors and have impromptu outdoor classroom gatherings. 

Work completed while at PWP Landscape Architecture. In collaboration with Booziotis & Company Achitects and Gojer & Associates Civil Engineers.

Completion: Schematic Design / Design Development 2008

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Speedway-East Mall Initiative

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